Level Up Your Life
Elite Mastermind Group

What Can You Expect?
Level Up Your Life Community is a group of like-minded, success and achievement-oriented individuals looking to dramatically scale, grow and expand their business, transform their relationships and develop a powerful, positive, and confident mindset by collaborating and connecting regularly in an elite mastermind group of mutually supportive, engaging and accountable peers. 

Our weekly highly dynamic masterminds live within a powerfully connected group with daily motivation, daily check-ins, and massive group support.

This is the group for you if you are looking to take back control of your life, mutliply your income and surpass the goals you have for the year. It's time to level up every single part of your life and reach true happiness, becuase you know that you deserve more. 
We Are Stronger As A Community

Community Support 

Everyone wants to see you win and is happy when they see you do. Elite members, elite results. 

15% Productivity Increase

Implement habits today that will ensure you produce more and get more out of every single day. 

Dynamite Results

Experience it for yourself. Explosive results for those who are committed to Owning Their Life. 

Create Your Own Success Story

"I realized the power of networking with people inside a mastermind group"

Caleb Loera | Entrepreneur

"Working with you and your group has changed my business and life completely!"

Brandy Chand | Travel Reputation Services

"There is other people in there just like me and you that need extra accountability"

Sheila Franks | Regional Sales Manager

"I see others in the group doing more and more, and it just forces me to get my stuff together and catch up to them."

Ruben Alvarez | Founder of The Marketing Hunters

"All of her advice is actionable and worth listening to! I highly recommend this group."

Ronald J Hunt | Modern Minister and Coach

Hello, I'm MJ Vogel!

In 2015 I was diagnosed with a neurological illness in which the brain does not fit correctly in the skull. Guess what fixes this? 
Brain surgeries.
This has lead me through moments of excruciating pain; However, the worst feeling there is has to be knowing I couldn't afford my treatments.
Pain aside, if I lived, I had to deal with the financial strain this was all putting on me.
I decided to rise above my situation and put systems in place to earn more income, despite the tremendous pain and nearly passing out every three hours. The same systems I used are being used by all high performers in this group.
This shouldn't be the case for anyone. We do not need to be in debt to anyone.
We should all Level Up Our Lives! My free E-book will tell you how.
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