Your Circumstances Don't Dictate Your Future.
In 2015 I was diagnosed with a neurological illness in which the brain does not fit correctly in the skull.

Guess what fixes this? Brain surgeries.

This has lead me through moments of excruciating pain; However, the worst feeling there is has to be knowing I couldn't afford my treatments.

Pain aside, if I lived, I had to deal with the financial strain this was all putting on me.

I decided to rise above my situation and put systems in place to earn more income, despite the tremendous pain and nearly passing out every three hours.
The same systems I used are being used by all high performers in this group.

This shouldn't be the case for anyone.

We do not need to be in debt to anyone.
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A Success Story

My Business has grown so much since I joined this group.
Thank You Mallisa and everybody for being such an inspiration and for continuously pushing me to do bigger and greater things.

Brandy | Traveling Director

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